I'm a longtime collector of plushies, due to my parents usually picking them as my first go-to gift for holidays, and going out on vacation usually ends with me grabbing at least one new unique find.

Now that I'm able to make money from commissions, I've been buying even more plushies that I normally wouldn't get. My dad told me I should stop getting so many huge squishmallows due to the fact that I've lost around of a 3rd of my bed to them. Whoops! I still want to buy more eventually though... one day I'll get my hands on that pink calico, mark my words.

To put it very bluntly, this page will never be complete. I simply have too many stuffed animals. So I'm mostly keeping it to specific brands that I own a lot of, or particularly notable items. I plan on adding more pages, such as my Furby collection or Chuck E. Cheese memorabilia, but I need to keep my focus on one thing at a time.

Feel free to click around each page and explore! You may want to wear a hard hat though, because there's loads of construction about. :P