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people who heavily participate in drama or discourse on neocities are not welcome here. this is a safe space, it makes me upset :(

Hi! welcome to my small, personal corner of the web ^-^

im not comfy enough to share anything, not even my name, quite yet. please bare with me! :( for now, just call me catgirly, or cat for short.
i have a love for all things cute, pink, and fluffy! this website is meant to contain my hobbies and interests, such as plush/toy collection, children's MMOs, cartoons, gaming, internet history, etc.
i know things are a little bare bones right now, but i've only just begun on my journey here at neocities <3 i hope to spread some happiness in a dark and scary world.

blinkies <3
please be kind! any sort of bad behavior will result in the removal of the chatroom.

update log
9/3/22 - collections page added! please check it out, i've been working on it for a few days now. only a few pages are up to date, but i shall work hard to finish it!!! >:3
8/28/22 - important notice + favicon added
8/27/22 - update log, blinkies, and music player has been added, along with some changes to the homepage in general. ive got all the basic stuff down, so i plan on finally starting the other sections of my website. (those two empty spaces on the bottom will be used later once i get some pages up... probably. ^-^)